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The left hand menu options:

SPECIES MENU: Click SPECIES and the left hand panel changes to an index of all the species in Part I, II & III. Click a letter to jump straight to that letter in the index.

CONTENTS: Includes an Introduction, a list of the species in Parts I, II & III, Search Tips, Downloading, How to Use This Website, etc.

HELP: That's where you are now - close this window in the usual way by clicking the close box in the top corner.
PLAN: Explanation of text.

GAZETTEER: Grid references for little-known sites.

ABBREVIATIONS: Standard abbreviations and abbreviations of books, MS. and papers cited. Herbaria and Works Transcribed.

SEARCH: Type a word (plant name, place name or anything) in the box and click Search. The results are displayed in the middle panel. See also SEARCH TIPS.

The right hand panel:
If your screen resolution is 800x600 or better then you should be able to make use of the right hand panel. The 3 reference options are all available in the right hand panel rather than as new windows. This means you can view species with the references alongside.

It isn't working:
If some of these features aren't working or the text isn't appearing in different colours (the links should be in red) then: .