for some Cambridgeshire Botanical records
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Please note:
The following roads were re-numbered on July 15 1994:
A 45 from Felixstowe to Huntingdon became the A 14
A 45 from Cambridge to St Neots became the A 428
A 604 from Cambridge to Huntingdon became the A 14
A 14 from Royston to Huntingdon, (Ermine Street) became the A 1198
A 11 from Six Mile Bottom to Newmarket became the A 1304
Most of Outwell and part of Upwell were transferred to Norfolk in 1990; the parts remaining in Cambridgeshire are called Christchurch.
The Vice-county boundary runs down the centre of Newmarket High Street. The Newmarket boundary was moved to include all of Burwell Heath up to the Devil's Ditch on the northwest side of the road in 1990s.

(W) = Wisbech Town Watch Book, 1796
(1) = 1st Ed. OS 1" map.
CCB = Bab.1860